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Get help through the tough times

Reconnect is a community that helps people find hope through the tough times. We offer a 12-week course to help people explore mental health as part of a friendly, welcoming group. And we combine this with regular socials, group exercise classes and other events.
Join a community of people who understand, talk and listen
Gain hope for your future
Join a movement offering an alternative to a culture of labelling and treating symptoms

Struggling with your mental health? Find hope in a community of people over our 12-week programme.

Changes in mood and sleep, finding it hard to function?

Developed a negative view of yourself and lost hope for your future?

Family and friends don’t seem to understand or be capable of talking?

Want to join a community focused on real talk and change?

We believe everyone should have a community where they feel heard and understood.

“I found hope by understanding my problems and finding a community to help me grow” Joe Tudor, Founder

Reconnect Wellness Club is a place I was searching for in my darkest time, but couldn’t find. I know what it’s like to feel alone and misunderstood. I learnt there are people who understand and we’re making it easier to find them. We’ve built an amazing team that harnesses their wisdom in Psychology, Neuroscience and Therapy among many others so people don’t have to feel as lost as I did.

The community to help you overcome life’s challenges.

We’re an in-person members club that exists to give people community, friendship, understanding and growth. Our team of experts deliver weekly workshops and courses, focused on helping you make sense of your challenges and how you can grow from them. We combine this with group exercise, walks in nature and other neuro-hacks that can improve the way we feel. Most importantly, we hold weekly social events so you can hang out and talk with like-minded people.

Four simple steps to Reconnect…
Apply online for a free membership.
Individual in-person meeting with our psychologist and researcher.
Attend our weekly workshop and join us for optional social events, group exercise classes and much more.
Regain hope for your future and become a valued member of our community.
Our Promise to you

We care more about making it easier for you to grow than we care about profit.

People are more important than profit.

We’re a verified Social Enterprise, which means were legally committed to reinvesting the majority of profits.

Find the cause of your problems

We will help you find the root cause of your suffering. We won’t ever give you a label or focus on numbing symptoms of distress.

We will make it simple for you

When we’re low, we often don’t know what to do. We put everything in one accessible place, all you have to do is turn up.

Become truly informed

We will help you become informed, so you can pick the support that best suits your needs.

What you get

You get all this, plus the knowledge that you’re a valued member of our community, in a movement bringing hope for our futures.