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Meet our Team
Joe Tudor

A really normal bloke who came up with the idea on the back of his own lived experience. Joe gained hope for his future when he found out his brain wasn’t broken and is determined to help others do the same. Joe spent 18 months researching so Reconnect Wellness Club offers the support people truly want, not what we think they want. Joe is deeply committed to creating a community that helps our amazing members to grow from their distress.

Dr Gillian Bowden MBE
Lead Clinical Psychologist

Worked for many years as a Clinical Psychologist in mental health services with inspiring people as they made sense of their experiences. Gillian also enjoyed working alongside groups of people as they co-created supportive, learning communities. Gillian has been sharing her experience of psychology to ensure Reconnect Wellness Club’s offers support that can help our members to grow from their distress. Gillian was the Lead Author of the British Psychological Society’s ‘Understanding Depression’ report, which you can access for free here.

Our Advisory Board
Terry Horne
Cognitive Neuroscientist, Change Agent, Author and Teacher

Terry is helping us to Clubs which offer activities that increase the choices open to people who want to make major and minor changes in their lives. Terry integrates some of “the world’s most advanced models of thinking”, learning, strategy and leadership, into the practical operation of Reconnect Wellness Club. The “Good Read” website commends more than 20 of Terry’s books, which have been translated into most popular languages. You can find Terry’s book reviews here.  

Beverley Thomson
Author, Researcher and Speaker

Beverley has worked with the British Medical Association, the Scottish Government, and the UK Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry. With Beverley’s incredible support, we’re providing our members with the information they need to become informed about antidepressants. We’re also working to create a safe environment for people withdrawing from antidepressants. You can order Beverley’s book ‘Antidepressed’ here.

Tony McCarthy
HR Director

Tony has sat on the boards of some of the UK’s largest businesses, including British Airways, Royal Mail and BAE Systems. Tony consistently delivered outstanding results through engagement and understanding the people he represents. Tony has been helping us to create an offering that helps both employees and employers.

Dr Andrew Gilbert

An experienced GP who’s incredibly passionate about helping his patients live healthy lives. Andrew has been sharing his knowledge with us, allowing us to keep Reconnect Wellness Club informed on the issues that GPs are experiencing on a daily basis. With the help of Andrew, we’re creating a Club that understands the needs of local communities.

Barry McInnes
Therapist, Service Manager, Researcher

Barry has spent his whole professional life helping people to be their best possible selves. Barry has worked within, managed and consulted with a range of different Therapy Services. Barry has a real passion for helping therapists to offer the best possible services, allowing more clients to reach positive outcomes. Barry is the co-founder of the informative blog TherapyMeetsNumbers. Barry has been sharing his knowledge with us, helping us to create a service that’s both effective and innovative. You can find more about Barry’s therapy practice here.

Jack Burton
Global Insights Director

Jack helps create better experiences for people by using insights to create improved services. Jack has worked with many of the UK’s largest brands to better understand their customers. Jack’s support has been pivotal in ensuring Reconnect Wellness Club provides what our members want, not just what we think they want. Jack has helped us develop our own research, which has been completed by over 1,000 people.

Ricky Marshall
Marketing Director

Ricky has been instrumental in creating a brand and digital presence that our members can relate to. Ricky has a wealth of client-side digital marketing experience and recently launched his own marketing agency, Toucan Digital. Ricky has helped us to bring to life the insights people have shared with us and is determined to use the power of digital marketing, to share a message that can truly help people.