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Reconnect Wellness Club Podcast

We speak to some of the UK’s leading mental health professionals, to give you solutions and not stories, so you can get the support that’s best for you.

Learn what mental health and a diagnosis really mean
Find out who can really help and where to get the support you need
Become informed about Antidepressants
Getting the help you need shouldn’t be so confusing

We chat with leading professionals and share our own experiences, to cut through the noise and help you find the support and community you need. 

Are you:

  • Not sure what’s causing you to feel the way you do?
  • Confused by what your doctor is telling you?
  • Not sure what help you want and how to get it?
  • Confused about antidepressant medication?
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Season 1- everything I wish I knew before I went to see my GP:

Understanding mental health – Dr Gillian Bowden MBE (Clinical Psychologist, Lead author of British Psychological Society’s ‘Understanding Depression’ report)

What to expect from your GP – Dr Bryan McElroy (GP with a special interest in Mental Health)

What is a mental health diagnosis? – Guest TBC

How to find the right therapy for you- Barry McInnes (Therapist & Therapy Service Consultant, Therapy Blogger)

How to become informed on antidepressant medication – Beverley Thomson (Author of ‘Antidepressed’, Researcher, Speaker)

How to become your own therapist if you’re stuck on a waiting list – Guest TBC

Where to find support when the free sessions stop – Rosa Trefla (Counsellor and PeerTalk Director)