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We’re dedicated to giving people the support they want, not what we think they want

Over 1,000 kind people shared their experiences with us in our online anonymous survey. We see the results as a mandate to deliver support the support people truly need.

What caused your depression?

1,282 People answered

92.43% believed a natural life event causes their depression
7.57% believed a chemical imbalance, genetics or being ‘disordered’ caused their depression

Our survey found that most people believed a natural life event caused them to experience depression. Yet, many organisations and professionals label us as being mentally ill. We’re dedicated to helping people with the life issues causing their distress.

At your lowest point, what support did you most want?

1,086 People answered

Most people wanted human connection when they’re struggling (that’s why were’ called Reconnect Wellness Club). We’re not going to stop until people have an easy and accessible way to talk, be heard and feel understood. 

What would help you the most right now?

901 People answered

When people who were still struggling were asked what help they wanted, the most common answer was ‘don’t know’. We want to make it simple for people to figure out what support they need. We’re creating clubs that are accessible and put the people and services you need under one roof. All our members have to do is turn up.

How would you prefer to receive support?

1,065 People answered

We’re firmly committed to making sure we give the 74% of people who wanted in-person support what they need. We’re not about scalability or profit, we’re about helping people grow.