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My goal is to leave your team feeling more able to connect when they’re going through a tough time. Through sharing my personal experience of depression and insights gained from 1000+ people, I hope to answer the deeper questions often overlooked when talking about mental health.
Are you?

Not sure how to effectively support your team through mental health struggles?

Frustrated with generic mental health approaches that seem ineffective?

– Does the conventional messaging about our mental health leave you feeling disconnected?

My career in sales and recruitment has given me a unique perspective on the importance of human connection in the workplace. I went through a difficult experience of depression and despite being given access to a range of support, I felt lost and confused. That’s why I’m passionate about sharing my experience and insights so your team can feel more connected and hopeful during the tough times.  

Andy Jones
Michael Page, FTSE 250 Recruitment Business
Associate Director

Having Joe come in and talk so openly can only encourage more people to talk and ultimately better support each other through mental health struggles. His presentation was incredibly thought-provoking and the team found his honesty and vulnerability very refreshing and relatable at the same time.

Charlie Rawstron
11 Investments, Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2023

Joe’s hopeful story helped clear some of the confusing and generic messages often spoken about mental health in the workplace. Joe’s talk offered a more understandable and human view of our mental health, which led to our team opening up and connecting on a deeper level. We’re looking forward to more talks and further input into our mental health strategy.

Steve Evans
Sterlings, Financial Markets Recruitment Business
Managing Director

Joe encouraged open, frank and insightful communication, which led to an open floor with no preconceived ideas or sigmatism. Joe’s talk encouraged us to open up about our day-to-day relationship with our mental health. Sterlings would welcome Joe back and hope that his talks can play a big part in our wellbeing programme.

What do I Talk about?

Each talk I deliver is bespoke and includes an anonymous survey for up to 20 employees beforehand. The topics I discuss will depends on your employees needs, but broadly I cover: 

Employee Mental Health

Mental Health Strategy for Leaders

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Joe Tudor